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bea ihnatowicz

Can you imagine yourself or a loved one as a doll?

I can make this happen...

About me

I am an artist by profession and passion. Even as a child, I liked playing with form and colour, costume, makeup and styling. But the most intriguing thing for me was and always remains the human being - especially the human face. And it is this topic that I focus the most in my artwork.

I graduated from the Film School in Katowice, I also studied stage design and costume at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. I am a certified makeup artist as well. I belong to the Association of Polish Artists and Designers (ZPAP).

In addition to making dolls, in my spare time I also paint and make ceramic jewellery and other wonders of clay. Some of them can be purchased on Etsy at BeaFineArts .

My interests are classical music and cats.

gallery of dolls

dreamdolls in the media

Below are some examples of interviews I gave to the press and TV.

Dzień dobry tvn

"Kto pociąga za sznurki?" - Dorota Wellman i Marcin Prokop z moimi lalkami :)

gazeta krakowska

pytanie na śniadanie

Wywiad dla lubianego programu TVP


"Unikatowe lalki z toruńskiej pracowni" - wywiad z Pauliną Błaszkiewicz, 2017

Toruń nasze miasto

"Między lalką a człowiekiem powstaje nieraz trwała więź" - wywiad udzielony Januszowi Milanowskiemu, 2017


"Osobowości w trzech wymiarach" - rozmowa z Anną Szulc, 2013

custom orders

I accept individual orders for the creation of dolls. If you want to become the owner of my work, or you are planning a special gift for someone, please contact me and describe what exactly is going on - is it an imaginary doll or someone's puppet portrait?

The price is always determined individually and depends on specific specifications. Indicatively, it is 1000 - 1600 €  per doll. There are discounts for ordering 2 or more pieces. The waiting time is approximately 6 weeks.
The shipping price is added to the final price of the doll.

Some of the dolls presented in the gallery are for sale. If you are interested in one, ask about availability and price.

If you have any questions - please write or call. I cordially invite you. :)